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We, the sticks

Hello World, we are from the planet Timber.

Timber was a world of fantasy. Whatever you may dream, there was always someone on Timber living that dream until one day, when this utopia was attacked. Attacked by the force unknown which made our people forget how to dream.

We, the stiks, went to the Ancient Stiks. They summoned their power to reveal the secret scroll of prophecy. In which was written:

"When the time comes,
that no stik find peace in their homes.
No dreams being fulfilled anymore
Then, the power of the Earthians
shall save us from the havoc."

So, we came here to seek help from the great dreamers, The Earthians.

Our OG Stiks

  • Stiks are the first handcrafted figures to join forces on the blockchain and form a family that will last forever.
    Collect the figure that best expresses you, complete the pack to receive a limited edition animated flipbook.

    These characters will subsequently be used in our next-generation Metaverse game.

    You may not know but you are helping the StarGazers by adopting us

    Many dreamers are so creative, so hopeful, that even the timberian, aspire to be like them. We want to help them, to make them one step closer to their dreamland.

    So, we decided to give 5% of the total sale to the children who dream but do not have the necessary convenience to fulfill it.

    First donation made. You can check the transaction's authenticity here

    Roadmap 2021 & 2022 Q1