We at StiksUniverse believe in giving individuals a voice. We want to share your story to the world!



There will be a contest once a month where you can submit your story. The stories will be voted on by StiksUniverse's NFT holders. If your tale is chosen, it will be turned into a comic book. If you're curious about how we create our comics, check out our comic.

1. OG Stiks, 1020 stiks fully minted on the blockchain.
2. BabyStiks, 4080 babies yet to come. (Some babies were airdropped to the OG holders)

There will be multiple benefits, with three major ones.
1. You will be paid a percentage of the profits we make.
2. You will have the power to vote on your favourite story entries using your voter's right.
3. From secondary sales, you will receive a share of the royalties.

The date is TBA. But, we will keep you updated. Join our Discord